Hi, my name is Jesse

Student, Programmer and Designer from the Netherlands

I Create Delight

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Rebranding Myself

Horizontal Parallax Effect

Yoga Gaia Logo Design

John Conway's Game of Life

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My story

My name is Jesse van der Pluijm. I’m a student, programmer and designer from the Netherlands who loves music, sports and life itself.

I’m a fan of kitesurfing, snowboarding, hiking & kickboxing.

I’m constantly learning new things. Anything I don’t yet understand is a challenge to tackle in the future. Do you have a challenge for me?


I’m a developer. I enjoy using the power of computers to solve real world problems. To bridge the gap between the idea and the actual product.

Most of the code I write is open sourced and lives on GitHub. Go take a look!

As a developer I’m constantly learning new things for new projects— technology evolves and so should I. Do you have a challenge for me?


Design. Maybe the most important part of every project. It’s where it all begins. When I think of design I don’t just think of creating shiny objects— everything needs to be designed. You can’t build a proper house without a proper plan.

The key to a good design is understanding. You need to understand the user and their needs in order to create a fitting design. If you don’t understand any decision will become pure guesswork.

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